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Trump threatened to dismiss the head of the FBI

Trump threatened to dismiss the head of the FBI

US President Donald Trump threatened to fire FBI director Christopher Ray over his report on external influence on the US elections, in which he noted Russia but did not mention China.

The head of the White House said this at a meeting with journalists in Washington, Deutsche Welle reports.

The US President did not like the fact that among the dangers for the future presidential elections to be held in November, he named Russia and the right-wing radical groups, but said nothing about China and the left-wing radical groups.

Recall that the incumbent head of state Donald Trump (from the Republicans) and the Democratic candidate Joe Biden are running for the presidency of the United States. It has long been known that Trump has always been considered ostensibly “Moscow's candidate,” while Biden has always taken a tough stance towards Russia and supports Ukraine. Washington understands that the Kremlin will not let the elections be held in peace, and recently the White House has drawn a “red line” for Russia.

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