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Trump: Russia stole data on US hypersonic weapons

The Russians have stolen information about the “super-duper missile” from the Obama administration and created their own hypersonic missile, Trump says.

Russia has created its hypersonic weapons based on stolen information about the development of the United States, said the head of the White House, Donald Trump.

“We have a super-duper missile. I call it super-duper because it is five times faster than conventional missiles. But Russia got this information from the Obama administration, it kidnapped it and built its own missile. But now we have there is one that is much, much faster, “Trump said during a visit to Minnesota.

He reiterated once again that the United States has created “the most powerful weapon.”

“And it's true. We have such modern weapons that President Xi and President Putin and everyone else envies us,” Trump said.

The US President added that “they do not know what exactly we have, but they know that it is something that they have not even heard of before.”

In early September, the United States announced successful tests of the Hypersonic Air-breathing Weapon Concept (HAWC) hypersonic cruise missile.

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