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“Unsuccessful Photoshop”: Trump puzzled the network with his new photo

The head of the American state did not give any explanation what his post means

Photo: Business Insider

U.S. President Donald Trump, who recently got into a scandal over a video with Melania, made his Twitter followers laugh. He posted on his official page a photographed photo of himself in the image of a boxer Rocky Balboa from a series of popular films “Rocky.” According to the plot of the movie, the main character defeats the opponent in a duel for the title.

The head of the American state did not give any explanation of what his post generally means. And this was enough for his supporters and ill-wishers to start racking their brains on the subject of secret meanings encrypted in a normal picture.

“It's not like that. Rocky defeated Russia, while Trump continues to give her victories,” “What is a bad photoshop,” I remind you that Trump’s tweets are official statements from the White House, “Trump pumped up his writing skills when he was drunk. sober “,” There are a thousand things that I could say about this terrific moment of presidential madness, but, damn it, I'm too amazed to even think about them, “Trump's subscribers write.

By the way, the original photo is a poster for the 1982 film Rocky 3 with Sylvester Stallone in the title role.

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