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The cost of this fish reaches $150,000 and even more

Have you ever heard of the Asian Arowana? This rare fish, according to a Chinese legend, descended from a dragon and is capable of bringing happiness, and at the moment, it is the Asian Arowana that is considered the most expensive aquarium fish in the world. The cost of large copies reaches $150,000 and even $300,000.

The Asian Arowana is a tropical freshwater fish native to the rivers of Southeast Asia. It is believed that the Arowana arose about 140 million years ago, and, judging by the fact that they live in rivers that are not connected to each other, flowing into the ocean, the Arowana could initially live in saltwater, then spreading everywhere in freshwater reservoirs. Adults can reach a length of 90 centimeters while feeding on other fish and large insects that have fallen into the water.

What makes these fish so expensive? The answer is simple — the tradition that has developed in Asian culture, according to which the Asian Arowana is a symbol of prosperity, happiness, and good luck. The larger the fish, the more luck will come to its owner, so the price for large fish can reach enormous values. Unsurprisingly, the Asian Arowana has become a status animal over time, which is why it can often be seen in the homes of influential people around the world. And for Asian Arowana with a rare color of scales (for example, red or gold), there is a real hunt — often people trying to take possession of this fish illegally end up behind bars.

Because of this, by the way, the breeding grounds of the Asian Arowana resemble well-guarded military bases. Fish hatch eggs in pools surrounded by high walls and barbed wire. Armed guards make regular rounds of the territory, and the enterprise itself has strict access control.

Since 2006, the Asian Arowana has been classified as an endangered fish. And it is not the last fault of the people who were engaged in uncontrolled fishing, which was not lucky enough to become a symbol of status and wealth.

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