Morocco records a record for the number of people infected with coronavirus

At least 2,760 cases of infection with the new coronavirus were detected per day in Morocco, the total number of infected reached 97,264, the Ministry of Health announced on Friday evening.

Since March 2, when the first case of infection was recorded in the kingdom, 1,755 people have died due to the coronavirus, 76,690 patients have recovered. Tests for the virus in 2,245,043 people were negative.

As noted, 2,760 cases are a new daily record for the number of people infected since the beginning of the pandemic in the kingdom.

In the past 24 hours, 1,755 people have been cured in Morocco, 41 patients have died. According to the Ministry of Health, the average mortality rate in the country continues to be at a relatively low level — less than 2%. However, since the beginning of August, the death rate in Morocco due to COVID-19 has increased significantly.

The largest number of infected people were registered in the regions: Casablanca-Settat, Marrakesh-Safi, Tangier-Tetuan-El-Hoceima, Fez-Meknes, Rabat-Sale-Kenitra.

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