Tesla's autopilot made an escape from the police chase

A rather unusual case happened with a Tesla Model S in Canada — the autopilot of an electric car decided to hide from a police chase, which surprised not only law enforcement officers, but also netizens.

This is the case when the car exceeded the permitted speed of 140 km / h, in connection with which the police began to chase the car. When their car caught up with the attacker's car, the police were very surprised, since they did not see either the driver or the passenger in the cabin.

The reason for this was the complete transfer of control of the electric car to the autopilot system, while the driver slept sweetly in the reclined seat. Seeing all this, law enforcement officers turned on the beacons, but the Tesla Model S did not stop. The car gained even greater speed (up to 150 km / h), eluding a police chase.

It is worth noting that the car was eventually stopped, and the driver who does not follow the road is being tried right now. Whether the behavior of the electric vehicle was a mistake or whether Tesla engineers built such behavior into the device's firmware is still unknown.

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