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iOS 14 Errors: restarting device does not save app settings

Apple allowed in iOS 14 to install third-party apps as the default browser or mail. Users after updating to a new version of iOS noted that this is indeed possible. But so far this function does not work correctly — when the device is restarted, all application settings by default are lost. Safari and Mail are again the main ones in the system. Here is such amnesia because of this bug.

Now in iOS 14, you can set the default Chrome or Edge browser. Also, available for this action are Outlook and Spark mail clients. But these apps will only work as defined by the user until the device is restarted or turned off and on.

Google has also fixed an issue with the default settings in iOS 14. Apple has not yet commented on the situation.

Third-party developers believe that this behavior in iOS 14 is due to some kind of bug in the system itself. This issue affects various applications of several companies — Google, Microsoft, and Readdle. Maybe a bug, but a feature.

IOS 14 was released on September 16, 2020. Moreover, Apple warned third-party developers about this the day before. Which caused their displeasure and sharp criticism of the company.

In fact, this early maturity of Apple has left a lot of critical bugs in the latest SDK releases, Xcode 12 and iOS 14, and they haven't tried to fix them at the company. Now users are facing some bugs in the new iOS.

The more users switch to iOS 14., the more often they post about new issues. For example, one of the users had their alarm turned off. Previously, he used an alarm using the built-in Bedtime feature. But in iOS 14, this feature was moved from Clock to the Health app. But after the transfer, the previously made alarm settings disappeared. “I woke up late and had a good rest today,” the user wrote and warned about this situation in iOS 14

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