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French premier faces jail over coronavirus

The French filed a class-action lawsuit against Jean Castex — he could go to jail

In France, where record rates of coronavirus incidence are now being recorded, a group of French people who have been ill with COVID-19 and their relatives has filed a class-action suit against Prime Minister Jean Castex.

According to the Associated Press, they accused the head of the government that the reaction of his cabinet to the epidemic “posed a threat to public safety.”

The plaintiffs, represented by attorney Fabrice Di Visio, argue that the authorities approved tests to detect the infection on a saliva sample, whereas tests with nasal samples are faster. However, the authorities previously explained this by the fact that such tests are more accurate.

In addition, the plaintiffs reproach the authorities for introducing a mandatory mask regime on the streets, but not in offices, while in closed rooms, scientists say, the virus is transmitted faster.

If Castex is found guilty, he will face up to two years in prison and a €30,000 fine.

According to the American Center for Systems Research and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, over 454 thousand cases of COVID-19 were registered in France during the entire pandemic, of which 31.1 thousand were fatal. At the same time, 91.7 thousand people recovered.

Recall that French President Emmanuel Macron appointed Castex prime minister on July 3. His predecessor, Edouard Philippe, voluntarily resigned, exchanging his chair for the post of mayor of the city of Le Havre.

Earlier it was reported that the French government introduced new epidemiological rules, obliging government officials, as well as teachers and students of middle and high school to wear protective masks.

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