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Pure hegemony: China reacts to U.S. Hong Kong law

China responds to the signing of a human rights law in Hong Kong by Trump

In China, they are confident that the signing of the document is a serious interference in the internal affairs of China and Hong Kong.

China opposed the signing by the President of the United States Donald Trump of the law on democracy and human rights in Hong Kong, the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China reported on Thursday, November 28.

The department called this behavior of Washington “a manifestation of hegemony in its purest form.”

A statement by the PRC Foreign Ministry said that this law is a serious interference in the affairs of Hong Kong and the internal affairs of China, a serious violation of international law and basic norms of international relations.

The report emphasizes that such a law does not need and grounds and that it can only harm the relations and interests of the United States and Hong Kong.

Recall, Trump signed the law on the protection of human rights and democracy in Hong Kong, as well as a document prohibiting the supply of certain police equipment to Hong Kong.

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