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The UN-supported the decisive resignation of the head of the Tripoli government

The UN-supported the decisive resignation of the head of the Tripoli government

The resignation of the head of the Government of National Accord (GNA) Faiz Sarraj was a turning point in the protracted crisis in Libya, the press service of the UN mission to support Libya said on September 17.

The UN noted that Serraj's decision is bold.

It also notes: “The President's statement was a decisive turning point in the protracted crisis in Libya when it became clear that the situation was no longer sustainable.” Now it is necessary that the Libyan parties concerned take responsibility before the Libyan people, make historic decisions, and agree to mutual concessions for the sake of their country, the statement says.

The mission notes that based on the statements of the cessation of hostilities by Sarraj and the head of the House of Representatives (Tobruk) on 21 August, also taking into account the agreements at the recent meetings between the key Libyan parties in Switzerland, Morocco, and Egypt, it is possible to fully resume the intra-Libyan political dialogue.

The UN notes that “during this period it is extremely important for the international community to fulfill its responsibilities, respect Libya's sovereignty, stop interfering in Libya's internal affairs and fully comply with the UN arms embargo.”

Recall that on August 21, the warring parties to the Libyan conflict issued statements on the cessation of hostilities. The agreement provides for the elaboration of various conditions for the preservation of peace, including the conditions for the passage of a transitional period before the elections, which are likely to take place in March 2021. The government of eastern Libya has already resigned, and the head of the PNC, Faiz Sarraj, also announced the resignation. It is assumed that a single government will be elected in Libya.

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