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US Permanent Representative to EU Accused of Sexual Harassment

All cases occurred even before the appointment of Sondland.

Photo: REUTERS / Francois Lenoir

US Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland has been publicly accused of sexual harassment by three women.

Accusations Nicole Vogel, Yana Solis, and Natalie Sept published in the magazine Portland Monthly. All the cases described by them occurred before the appointment of Sondland as US Permanent Representative to the EU. The women said that Sondland kissed or tried to do this without their consent, and before one of them he was naked to the waist.

All three said that after they refused Sondland, he took revenge on them professionally. The EU Permanent Representative himself rejected all the allegations.

“Over the decades of my career in business and civil affairs, my behavior can be confirmed by hundreds of employees and colleagues with whom I worked in countless circumstances. These false allegations of unwanted touches and kisses were invented and, I think, coordinated for political purposes,” said diplomat.

Note that Sondland is one of the key witnesses to the investigation as part of the impeachment of US President Donald Trump.

Recall that in September, Democrats in the House of Representatives announced the start of the Trump impeachment procedure because of the pressure that he allegedly exerted on the Ukrainian leadership to initiate an investigation against former US Vice President Joe Biden.

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