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Boris Johnson calls on the British to “save Christmas”

The call to “save Christmas”, observing anti-coronavirus measures, was addressed to the British by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson, the Daily Mail reported on September 17.

“The only way to provide the country with the opportunity to enjoy Christmas is to be firm now,” the newspaper quotes the head of government.

According to Boris Johnson, if the British do not comply with the “rule of six”, according to which the number of people in close contact with each other should not exceed six, the country will have to introduce stricter quarantine measures in order to “smooth out the camel hump”, which resembles a graph of the number of people infected with coronavirus in the country.

“The prime minister pleaded with the public to maintain faith in his draconian rules, even as the testing system is crumbling amid fears that schools and offices will close due to the inability to test all people with mild symptoms [a cold],” the newspaper writes.

At this time, quarantine measures are intensifying in the northeast of the country: pubs are closed at 10 pm, and people are not recommended contacting anyone except their family members. The publication notes that quarantine measures may be tightened, in particular, the remote work mode may be returned.

We will remind, earlier Boris Johnson said that the second wave of quarantine will mean financial disaster for the UK.

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