IPhone 12 will not be as powerful as expected

Apple did not show us the new iPhone 12 lineup this September, but we saw a chipset that will be responsible for their work — it will be the Apple A14. This chipset will be 17 percent faster in terms of CPU and 8 percent faster in terms of GPU.

The results of testing the iPhone 12 on the AnTuTu benchmark have now appeared on the Web, making it 16 percent faster than its CPU predecessor and 4 percent faster than its GPU. However, it is worth noting that the memory has become 22 percent faster.

The result was 572333 test points, which does not look very good against the background of the fact that all smartphones on Qualcomm Snapdragon score more than 600,000 points. Of course, there are nuances in terms of testing, as the benchmark runs on different operating systems, but it gives a general picture. However, testing in comparison with the result of A13 is quite relevant and shows that the revolution in the transition to 5 nanometers, unfortunately, did not happen.

Most likely, the main emphasis is on energy efficiency. This shows that the new iPad Air, which runs on this chipset, is as autonomous as its predecessor, with 8 percent less battery. It is also possible that the test engineer of the iPhone 12 Pro Max took part in the testing, and the actual power indicators will differ.

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