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The United States intervened in the Brexit debate

During the visit of British Foreign Minister Dominique Raab to Washington, leading politicians of both parties of the U.S. Congress warned him not to violate the agreement on withdrawal from the EU. If it comes to the rigid border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, the politicians say that the U.S. Congress will not be able to approve any trade agreement with the UK. According to the media, the categorical nature of this position is not surprising.

The Irish lobby is a weighty force!

Ireland has always occupied not the last place in American politics, — writes New Statesman:

“The serious involvement of the United States in the process of peaceful settlement of the situation in Ireland is a direct consequence of long-term migration from Ireland to the United States — and the resulting strong ties between the two countries... Irish-American ties mean that Irish national interests at home and abroad have one voice: not only in Ireland itself but also in the heart of the U.S. Congress. .... The United Kingdom and the United States work closely together on defense and security. But when it comes to negotiating a trade agreement through the U.S. Congress, the relationship with Ireland is outweighed.”

The U.S. has betrayed us again

The so-called special relationship with the U.S. has not yet helped Britain in terms of relations with Europe, — writes The Daily Telegraph:

How has this “special relationship” affected America's attitude towards UK membership in the EU? Apparently, it hasn't. The Americans even had the nerve to pursue a policy that Britain's EU membership would be in the national interest of the United States. They have always worked to keep us in the EU — until the moment we got out of there. Any argument in favor of getting out of the EU — we don't want to and don't have to dance to your tune — becomes even more relevant in terms of that one-way street that Washington calls a “special relationship”.

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