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Panasonic invests $150 million in the development of artificial intelligence

Panasonic Announces $150 Million Investment in Machine Learning and Neural Network Artificial Intelligence Systems

A part of the funds allocated within the framework of the Conductive Ventures II venture fund, the Japanese electronics manufacturer plans to invest in promising software and equipment developers for various business sectors, incl. self-driving transportation, finance, digital health, the future of work, commerce, manufacturing technology, and more.

At the moment, Google, Facebook, Baidu, ABBYY, Cognitive Technologies, and other companies are actively working in the field of artificial intelligence and conducting research. The scope of application of neural networks is very diverse — it is text recognition and understanding of human speech, semantic search, computer vision, big data analytics, robotics, expert systems, linguistics, and much, much more.

Such eminent corporations as Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, and IBM, along with their supercomputer Watson, are also developing their developments in the field of neural networks and artificial intelligence. ARM does not hide its interest in this kind of technology, which is also aware of the fact that without looking for new promising areas to succeed and take a leading position in the modern IT market is not only problematic but simply impossible

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