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Smoke from US fires reaches Europe

The western United States has experienced the worst fires since 2003 this year.

Smoke from wildfires in the western United States reached not only the eastern coast of the country but also a number of states in northern Europe. This was announced on Wednesday, September 16, by the European Atmospheric Monitoring Service (CAMS).

“Comparing fire activity in the United States with previous years, CAMS found that this year's activity was tens or hundreds of times higher than the 2003-2019 average,” the report said.

Experts said the smoke entered the atmosphere over North America, the United States, and Canada, after which it reached northern Europe. This is predicted to happen again by next weekend (September 19-20). Then the smoke will cross the Atlantic again.

According to American scientists, the weather is favorable for the spread of smoke to the east, The Associated Press reported.

“At times, a fair amount of smoke is superimposed on the air currents in the upper layers, which provides a general trend across the country. Now it is happening again,” said Matt Solum of the US National Weather Service in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Recall that large fires have been raging in the United States since August. Abnormal heat and lightning caused the disaster.

CNN and the Associated Press previously reported that wildfires in the United States have killed at least 28 people since mid-August. The state of California has the largest number of victims, where 19 people died in the fires.

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