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US artist wants to buy Lenin's body

The American artist wants to build a copy of the Moscow mausoleum in the US capital and place Lenin's body there. For him, he is ready to pay one billion.

American artist David Datuna wants to buy the body of Vladimir Lenin and place it in a specially built replica of the mausoleum in Washington. For the mummy, he is ready to make an initial contribution — one million dollars, Russian media write.

“Americans are tired of the policy of aggressive capitalism, in which they are forced to pay off loans all their lives and do not have free access to medicine,” Datuna said.

He added that Lenin and his mausoleum are the most vivid symbols of the changes that the United States now needs more than the Russians.

The artist understands the “value” of the revolutionary's body and claims that he is ready to raise one billion dollars for its purchase.

The body of Vladimir Lenin has been kept in the mausoleum on the Red Square of the Russian capital for 96 years.

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