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The Pentagon fears the development of Russia and China in the field of artificial intelligence

United States Defense Secretary Mark Esper believes that Russia and China are actively pursuing artificial intelligence research to expand their influence overseas and gain control over their societies.

He stated this at a symposium organized by the Joint Center for Artificial Intelligence, Voice of America reports.

Esper recalled that Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the country that will become the leader in the field of artificial intelligence will rule the world, and at the same time the Kremlin is increasing investment in technology development.

“His intention is to use every possible advantage to expand Russia's influence and curtail the sovereignty of others,” the head of the Pentagon said.

He also recalled how the Russian Federation used a complex and well-coordinated combination of drones, cyberattacks, and shelling to inflict serious damage on Ukrainian forces when it invaded Ukraine.

“After that, Moscow announced the development of autonomous systems based on artificial intelligence for ground vehicles, aircraft, nuclear submarines, and command and control systems. We expect them to use these capabilities in future war zones,” he said.

He also recalled China's development in this area, which is trying to create low-cost autonomous long-range weapons to counter US conventional weapons.

“At the moment, Chinese weapons manufacturers are selling autonomous drones that they claim can deliver lethal, pinpoint strikes,” the minister said.

Esper said there is a clear difference between the US, Russia, and China in the field of artificial intelligence.

“Technology may vary, but our principles will not change,” he says.

Recall that US Air Force engineers are developing an autonomous drone with sophisticated artificial intelligence that can become the best fighter pilot in combat. The researchers plan to conduct a man-versus-AI dogfight in July 2021.

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