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Germany will host over 1,500 refugees from the Greek islands

Angela Merkel and Interior Minister Horst Seehofer agreed to accept an additional number of refugees in Greece.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer have agreed to transport another 1,500 people to Germany (the country had previously announced its readiness to accept 150 minors) from refugee camps on the Greek islands. Seehofer made such an offer to Merkel, and she agreed, German media reported on Tuesday, September 15, citing sources in the FRG government and the ruling coalition.

The reports indicate that it is about accepting 400 families whose asylum applications have already been granted. According to sources, the refugees whom Merkel agreed to accept are not only from Lesbos and from the Moriah camp that burned down on this island, which is an important moment for the Greek government.

Reception of additional refugees

The leaders of the ruling parties in Germany, the CDU, CSU, and SPD, agreed, if possible, by September 16, to decide how many more refugees Germany will accept in addition to 150 unaccompanied minors, whose admission has already been reached.

Angela Merkel stressed on September 14 that it should not only be about the number of accepted refugees. This measure, she said, should be carried out within the framework of a pan-European package, which provides, among other things, the creation of a camp in Lesbos for receiving migrants with EU funds and under the control of the European Union.

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