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Chinese media: the US naively believes that they can “catch up and overtake” Russia on missile weapons

One of the leading Chinese media wrote that the West is making a mistake by rejecting the proposal of Vladimir Putin to suspend the deployment of missile systems in European territory.

The Sohu publication critically evaluated the desire of Western politicians to catch up and overtake Russia in this area, especially after it became known that Russian troops would soon test new missiles. The INF Treaty, which the United States left for a far-fetched “reason,” made it possible to maintain a strategic balance of power in the world, and now Washington has destroyed it.

American hegemons have opened a “faucet” that is holding back the proliferation of nuclear weapons on the planet. No wonder the UN Secretary-General António Guterres fears that a nuclear war might swallow the world. In the absence of a treaty, nothing will deter Russia and the United States from developing missiles with a range of 500 to 5500 kilometers, designing new medium-range tactical missile systems and guided ballistic missiles.

The American authorities do not make contact: the Russian arguments are not accepted and refuse to personally verify the inconsistency of their charges. So, the American attache ignored the invitation to the demonstration launch of the 9M729 rocket in the Patriot Park.

Alliance leadership reacts similarly. The Russian leader had previously suggested that NATO countries take measures to maintain the INF Treaty in force, but was refused. In the West, they do not think that American and European politicians provoke a crisis in Europe by their actions. They do not need Moscow’s peace initiatives.

The Kremlin has to react appropriately to ensure national security. The potential aggression and self-confident stupidity of the West overflowed the patience of Russians.

There is no reason for Russia to abandon the test launches of a new sea-based cruise missile. The Onyx-M heavy hypersonic long-range anti-ship missile (800 km) will become quite a serious lever for Russia's influence with respect to NATO “partners” imagining that they have great capabilities and economic potential in the field of arms development. For some reason, they ignore the technical experience of Russian designers.

By the way, the Onyx-M control system was developed taking into account the increased accuracy of hitting sea and ground targets. Successful firing has already taken place in Chukotka, where the missile was tested with the help of the coastal complex “Bastion” of the Pacific Fleet of Russia.

However, each one stuffs their own cones in the process of “catching up and overtaking”. Western dreamers, again, forget that the United States still does not have a single mobile ballistic missile in service. Russia has nothing to answer. Well, the Americans are not capable of intercepting Russian Zircon-type missiles: there are no such systems, and they will not appear for a long time. After the Russian Navy receives six submarines, including the Belgorod special-purpose submarines of project 09852, Moscow will be able to hit enemy naval bases and aircraft carriers both on the east coast of the United States and anywhere in Europe.

So is it worth escalating military and geopolitical tensions when the Russian president proposes peaceful coexistence? Europe is all the more worth considering the future, remembering the history and all attempts to suppress Russia. The economy, the army, faith in their own exclusiveness did not help them defeat the Russians, who knew that they had their own land and were always led by a sense of justice.

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