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The USA urgently needs a new course in relations with Russia

Two of the world's most formidable nuclear powers, which possess more than 90 percent of the world's deadliest weapons, are on the verge of abandoning six decades of arms control and accelerating the development of new and more horrific Doomsday weapons, international lawyers who have worked for many years with the USSR as well as with the former Soviet republics write in a September 13 article in The National Interest by Jeffrey Burt, James Hitch and Peter Pettibone.

Celebrating last month's seventy-fifth anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing, The New York Times editors reminded American citizens of this sobering reality: The United States and Russia, each “capable of vaporizing the human race in an apocalyptic outbreak,” are rolling into a new military clash. That same week, more than a hundred leading foreign policy experts ominously warned that the United States had “reached a dangerous impasse” in its policy toward Russia, so now Moscow and Washington are “drifting toward a dangerous nuclear arms race.

Nevertheless, both major political parties in the United States have underestimated the importance of avoiding this catastrophic course towards Russia and have not given it a priority. The Democratic Party has acknowledged that “the nuclear risks faced by the US citizens are more serious than they have been in the past decades”, but no one beats the alarm. Neither incumbent president Donald Trump nor presidential candidate Joe Biden even mentioned this dangerous state of the country in their election speeches. Neither of them has made any hint at how such pressing national security issues should be addressed if they are elected in November.

The progress made in arms control over the past sixty years has now stalled dramatically. Since the Cuban missile crisis, the countries have embarked on a slow but steady course forward. In announcing the conclusion of the Treaty banning nuclear weapons testing in the atmosphere, outer space, and underwater, President John F. Kennedy eloquently stated that the agreement was the first step to avoid “the bleak prospect of mass destruction on Earth.

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