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Apple patented the iPhone case that will harden if dropped

Unfortunately, today's smartphones, despite their ever-increasing functionality and performance, are more fragile than ever. According to the information contained in a new Apple patent, the company is working on iPhone cases that can detect falls and change its properties to provide better protection for the smartphone.

Of course, ordinary cases can protect the smartphone well from light shocks and drops from a small height. Apple's new development is designed to protect devices from more serious accidents. Active electromechanical materials, which the company plans to use in cases, will be able to dynamically change their characteristics. The patent says that the materials of the cover can be activated when exposed to external stimuli, such as electric and magnetic fields.

In simple terms, when such a cover detects a fall, it will deliver an electrical discharge that will harden the damping material. The higher the drop height, the harder the cover becomes. Apple says fall detection will happen in a matter of milliseconds. Of course, we are not talking about the release of finished devices in the shortest possible time, since at moment the technology exists only at the patent level.

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