Navalny plans to return to Russia

A high-ranking representative of the Federal Republic of Germany's security services, who preferred to remain anonymous, spoke about the plans of the Russian.

Oppositionist Alexey Navalny told the German prosecutor that he plans to return to Russia as soon as he feels good. The New York Times reported this on Monday, September 14, citing sources in the German security service.

“He is not going to go into exile in Germany. He wants to return home to Russia and continue his business,” the source said.

According to him, Navalny “is fully aware of his condition, what happened, and where he is.”

The source also said that during a conversation with a representative of the Federal Prosecutor's Office of the Federal Republic of Germany, Navalny refused to participate in a joint investigation by Russia and Germany of what happened to him.

Earlier, representatives of the Charite clinic said that the blogger's condition improved so much that he was completely disconnected from mechanical ventilation.

Navalny became ill on the morning of August 20 during a flight from Tomsk to Moscow. The plane urgently landed in Omsk, after which the politician was taken to a local hospital, where he fell into a coma. Two days later, Navalny was taken to the Charite clinic in Germany for treatment.

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