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82-year-old bodybuilder grandmother beat the thief with a table

The police who arrived at the scene were shocked by what they saw and even took pictures with an old woman who rebuffed the robber

Photo: wowktv.com

An 82-year-old resident of the American city of Rochester, which is located in New York State, beat a thief with a table who tried to get into her house, reports Wham-tv.

Willy Murphy, despite her venerable age, is the owner of many sports awards and is engaged in bodybuilding.

According to the woman, an unknown man knocked on her door at 23.00. He asked the woman to call an ambulance, but his grandmother, suspecting something was amiss, did not let him in. Then the attacker knocked out the door.

Murphy immediately called the police, but the help of law enforcement officers was not needed.

The woman took the first thing that came to hand — a table and threw it at a stranger.

“The table was smashed to smithereens, the man fell, I jumped on it,” my grandmother said.

Then the woman poured a bottle of shampoo onto the attacker and began to beat him with a brush.

Arriving at the police station were shocked by what they saw and took a picture with her. The loser thief was hospitalized.

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