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German society divided over the issue of accepting refugees from Lesbos

About half of the German citizens surveyed support the reception of refugees from the Moria camp, YouGov researchers said on September 14, the Greek newspaper EfSyn reported.

The respondents were asked: “Will you support or reject the reception of refugees from [camp] Moria Lesbos?”

The answer “definitely yes” was given by 22%, “perhaps yes” — 25%, “perhaps not” — 16%, “definitely no” — 23% of the respondents.

It is noted that the western lands turned out to be more inclined towards hospitality — there the reception of refugees was supported by 50% and rejected by 38%. In the eastern lands, 35% were in favor, 47% were against.

The most negative attitude was expressed by supporters of the Alternative for Germany party. Among them, only 8% supported the idea of accepting refugees (89% were against).

Supporters of the Greens showed the greatest support — 78% (16% against).

Support among the “Left” was 64% (22% against), among the Social Democrats — 62% (28% against), among the CDU / CSU bloc — 52% (28% against). Among the supporters of the liberals, the proposal was supported by 39% (rejected by 49%).

Recall that the largest refugee reception and identification center in Greece, Moria, burned down on 9 September. Over 10 thousand people were left homeless.

The proposal of the Left to accept all refugees was rejected in the Bundestag by the votes of the CDU / CSU, Social Democrats, liberals, and AfD.

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