Those who do not believe in COVID-19 are sent to dig graves

Those who do not believe in COVID-19 are sent to dig graves

For refusing to wear a mask in Indonesia, they are sent to dig graves

In one of the regions of Indonesia, the authorities decided to punish mask regime violators in an original way.

In Indonesia, in Gresik County, men caught without masks during the pandemic decided to be punished “for prevention”. They are sent to dig graves for coronavirus victims. This was reported on Monday, 14 Sentyabar, The Daily Mail.

It is reported that the digging of graves sent the first eight offenders.

A local government spokesman told reporters that there are only three professional grave diggers left on his territory, so “help them clearly will not hurt.

The number of patients with COVID-19 in Indonesian Gresica continues to grow, and quarantine restrictions are increasing in local villages.

“There are many residents who, for one reason or another, ignore the new quarantine regulations and will be punished with community service,” the local authorities said.

In Indonesia, there has been an increase in the number of illnesses, with 3,636 cases recorded yesterday per day. The total number of patients since the beginning of the pandemic has reached 218,382, the largest increase in the state capital Jakarta. Now there are 54,220 cases. However, their real number, according to experts, is much higher.

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