A huge iceberg has broken off from Greenland

A huge iceberg has broken off from Greenland

A huge piece of ice with an area of about 110 square kilometers broke away from the largest Arctic shelf glacier in the north-east of Greenland. This is reported by the BBC.

According to published satellite images, the breakaway iceberg split into many small parts.

The publication notes that this incident confirms the words of scientists that Greenland is experiencing rapid climate change — the atmosphere there over the past 40 years has warmed by 3 degrees Celsius.

“In 2019 and 2020, there were record summer temperatures,” said a polar researcher at the Friedrich-Alexander University in Germany.

Oceanographers, in turn, report an increase in sea temperature, which leads to the melting of the shelf glacier from below.

Satellite images show that there are many melted lakes on the glacier surface, resulting in more and more cracks and chips.

According to the edition, last year the ice sheet lost 530 billion tons of ice, which is a record amount.

Earlier, the U.S. National Aerospace Agency (NASA) published a video showing that millions of tons of ice disappear at the Earth's poles every year, resulting in an increase in sea level.

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