There are signs of life on Venus

Scientists at MIT and Cardiff University have discovered phosphine gas from ground-based telescopes in the atmosphere of Venus, which may indicate the presence of living organisms on the planet. They told the journal Nature Astronomy about it.

“With what we now know about Venus, the most likely explanation for phosphine, however fantastic it may sound, is life,” said one scientist.

At the same time, according to the researchers, the presence of gas does not necessarily mean life on Venus, but this option cannot be excluded.

The researchers found phosphine at an altitude of 53-61 kilometers from the surface of Venus, but do not yet know where it came from. Thus, it is noted that the version with its formation during volcanic activity, lightning strikes, or meteorite fall does not confirm the revealed substance content in the atmosphere, because in these cases it would be much less.

To obtain more data on the possible life on Venus is calculated with the interplanetary station “Venus-D”, which is planned to launch from 2029 to 2031.

Most scientists believe that Venus is unsuitable for life because of the high temperature (over +460 C), the pressure at the surface (above the Earth's 92 times), and the chemical composition of the atmosphere, but such a probability is in the upper layers of the atmosphere (where the atmospheric pressure and temperature is almost the same as at the surface of the Earth) — there was found phosphine.

Earlier, Elon Musk, an American entrepreneur and founder of SpaceX, told us that it is the most difficult to colonize Mars. According to him, human flight to Mars is not the main problem — it is much harder to create a base on the Red Planet surface for permanent residence of people.

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