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Facebook Messenger now features sharing videos during video calls

Facebook continues to evolve Messenger, the popular messaging service, with new features regularly added. This time it became known that Messenger users will be able to share video clips during group calls.

This is the Watch Together feature, which began rolling out this week. This tool is in many ways similar to the previously launched Watch Party function, which allows group viewing of content from a dedicated page or from a group. However, the new function should become more exciting, since the joint viewing of videos takes place directly in the process of video calls, the participants of which can see not only the content but also each other's reactions to what they saw.

During a group video call or video conference in the Messenger Room, any participant in the conversation can select any video available in the catalog of the Facebook Watch service and start sharing it through the corresponding menu in the application. It's worth noting that Watch Together does not allow sharing content from YouTube and other streaming services.

This could mean that Facebook Messenger's co-browsing options will be somewhat limited, although the developers say new content will be quickly added to the company's own video service catalog. However, the new function has another use case. The fact is that Watch Together allows you to upload your own videos of the participants in the conversation for further joint viewing. This option for using the function may be in demand in the process of communication between friends or relatives who, for some reason, cannot meet in person, but would like to share something important or interesting with each other.

While Watch Together has begun rolling out, it may not be available to all Messenger users at this time.

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