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HP has come up with a flexible smartphone that can fold in several ways

HP is exploring the possibility of a Motorola Razr-style clamshell smartphone with a flexible display. Information about the new product is published on the website of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Resource LetsGoDigital has already published high-quality renders of the device, created on the basis of patent documentation. As you can see, the design provides for the use of a frameless screen that folds into the body.

The main feature of the device is the unusual connection between the upper and lower parts. It allows you to fold the smartphone not only in the middle but also with a shift of one half in relation to the other.

In the second case, a small part of the display remains visible in the form of a strip. Notifications, some useful information, can be displayed here.

The device has neither a fingerprint scanner nor a front camera. This means that the corresponding components can be hidden directly behind the screen.

Among other things, there is a symmetrical USB Type-C port at the bottom of the case and a multi-module rear camera with optical elements lined up horizontally.

There is no information yet on when HP may introduce a commercial smartphone with such a design.

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