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In the United States, an unknown man shot police officers

The shooter managed to escape, now law enforcement officers are looking for him. The injured policemen managed to ask for help by radio.

In Los Angeles, USA, an unknown person shot police officers sitting in a patrol car. This is reported by the Voice of America on Monday, September 14.

The suspect approached a car parked near a subway station in the suburb of Compton and fired a pistol into the window from the side of the passenger seat, after which he fled. The police managed to ask for help over the radio.

“An armed man approached the sheriff's deputies and opened unprovoked fire without warning,” the police said.

Now the 31-year-old police officer and her 24-year-old colleague, who graduated from the police academy just over a year ago, have operated on.

Protesters gathered under the hospital with injured law enforcement officers, who shouted: “We hope they die.”

“Animals that must be hit with all their might. If they die, the murderer must face a speedy trial and execution. This is the only way to stop it!” — wrote President Donald Trump on Twitter.

Recall that earlier in the United States there were new pogroms due to the shooting of police officers at a black man. Authorities in the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin, imposed a curfew after riots erupted after cops were shooting at an African American.

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