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Poroshenko said that he promised Giuliani at a meeting

Petro Poroshenko met twice with Donald Trump's lawyer Rudi Giuliani. He promised the fifth president of Ukraine, which will help raise the level of cooperation between the United States and Ukraine.

Poroshenko said that Giuliani did not raise the issue of "Burisma" or Biden. He spoke about this at the Forum on International Security in Canada, according to Voice of America.

"Mr. Giuliani promised to help me raise the level of our (US and Ukraine) cooperation in cybersecurity," Poroshenko said.

When asked if Giuliani asked for something for such services, Poroshenko first answered evasively.

Look, I am the president of Ukraine, a magnificent European nation, a large European country, the largest in Europe. And, of course, I can’t imagine this type of conversation with me as with the President of Ukraine,
- answered the president.

It should be noted that the lawyer of US President Rudy Giuliani accused a potential Democratic candidate in the upcoming elections, Joe Biden, of corruption related to the fifth president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

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