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The heiress of the GUCCI Empire admitted that her stepfather raped her

According to the great-granddaughter of the founder of the famous brand Guccio Gucci 35-year-old Alexandra Zarina, her stepfather raped her from 6 to 22 years. At the same time, the girl's mother and grandmother knew about what was happening and did not try to protect her. Moreover, they threatened her and silenced her in order not to spoil the reputation...

Recently, Alexandra herself became a mother, and in addition, she found out that her former stepfather had volunteered at the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles, so she hurried to tell him that he should not be trusted to work with children.

Alexandra Patricia's mother is shocked by her daughter's statements about her involvement in this dirty story. The woman assures that she did not cover for her ex-husband, but as soon as she found out about his connection with her daughter, she immediately filed for divorce.

"I am upset that Joseph has caused Alexandra suffering. It is unforgivable what he did to her. I was shocked when my daughter told me about it at the family doctor's appointment in 2007. I immediately filed for divorce, and we went to the psychologist with her. I am shocked that my daughter blames me and my grandmother. This is a lie,” Patricia said.

The former stepfather himself also reacted to the charges against him, saying that all this is a lie and a provocation, and his ex-daughter has problems with her psyche, besides, she is an addict.

Alexandra herself does not deny that she had previously used illegal substances and even lay in the clinic, but was addicted to drugs by her stepfather, a pedophile.

The conflict situation of the heirs to the multimillion-dollar fashion empire will be resolved in court.

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