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Hurricane and sandstorm raging in Turkey

Meteorologists warned residents of Ankara about the likelihood of flooding due to a hurricane, and a sandstorm covered the city near Ankara.

The Turkish province of Ankara, on Saturday, September 12, was hit by the strongest hurricane that could flood the western and northern parts of the region. The General Directorate of Meteorology of Turkey informs about this. According to experts, the hurricane lasted at least two hours and the forecast is disappointing.

“According to the radar data, heavy showers and thunderstorms are expected in the western and northern parts of Ankara (in the area of the cities of Polatli, Ayas, Beypazar, Gyudul, and Kyzylcahamam) over the next two hours. You should be careful and prepared for floods, hail, and strong winds”, — said in a statement by the department.

Before that, 80 kilometers from the capital of Turkey, a sandstorm swept through, as a result of which the adjacent city was immersed in the twilight. Netizens have shared footage of this natural phenomenon.

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