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Iran threatens Bahrain with “harsh retaliation” due to Israel

Iran threatens Bahrain with “harsh retaliation” due to Israel

The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC, part of the Iranian armed forces) warned Bahrain of retaliation for normalizing relations with Israel.

“The tyrant rulers of Bahrain should expect harsh retaliation from the fighters for the liberation of Jerusalem, the Muslims and the godly people of this country,” said a statement published on the IRGC-affiliated Sepah News website.

The IRGC noted that the Bahraini authorities have committed “betrayal” and a “stupid oversight” devoid of any legitimacy, to which they will receive a proper response.

Bahrain and Israel announced the establishment of diplomatic relations on Friday. Bahrain has become the second country after the UAE in the past month to reach an agreement with Israel through the United States. The peace signing ceremony is expected to take place on September 15 in Washington.

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