Trump announced the resignation of the head of the US Navy Spencer

US Ambassador to Norway will replace Spencer

United States President Donald Trump said US Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer has been fired. About this Trump wrote on Twitter.

It is also known that US Ambassador to Norway Admiral Ken Braithwaite will be nominated in his place.

“The service of the Minister of the Navy, Richard Spencer, was terminated by the Minister of Defense Mark Esper. I thank Richard for his service and responsibility ... I will nominate the admiral and current ambassador to Norway Ken Braithwaite (for the post) the new Minister of the Navy. A man of great achievements and successes, I know that Ken will do an amazing job, “Trump tweeted.

The head of the Pentagon, Mark Esper, asked Spencer to resign. The reason is supposedly a loss of confidence against the background of the controversial case of the US Navy commando Edward Gallagher, who was accused of war crimes in Afghanistan.

It was noted that Esper requested Spencer's resignation after he learned that the Minister of the Navy secretly invited White House employees not to intervene in the case against Gallagher. For this, he allegedly guaranteed that the commando would leave the Navy while retaining the rank. At the same time, Spencer's position on this issue was different from that which he expressed publicly.

Recall, Trump said earlier that the impeachment process initiated by the US Democratic Party is not supported by 75% of American citizens.

It is also known that a possible investigation into the Senate’s impeachment procedure may take two weeks.

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