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Erdogan urged Macron not to “contact” Turkey on the theme of the Mediterranean Sea

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan called on his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron on Saturday to “not contact” Ankara, trying to solve problems in the Eastern Mediterranean.

“He says the problems are not with the Turkish nation, but with Erdogan. Mr. Makron, you will have many more problems with me personally. Don't get in touch with the Turkish people, and don't get in touch with Turkey. The history of Africa is the history of France, you killed millions of people in Africa,” the Turkish leader said.

According to Erdogan, Paris “has no right to teach a lesson in humanity” to Ankara.

“I told him this personally. I said he doesn't know the history,” the Turkish president added.

In recent weeks, the French president has often condemned the instability in the Eastern Mediterranean and expressed support for Greece. Athens has consistently opposed the memorandum of demarcation of maritime zones between Ankara and the Libyan government sitting in Tripoli, considering the terms of the document a violation of the exclusive economic zones of the Greek islands.

In turn, Greece concluded maritime delimitation agreements with Italy and Egypt this summer. Ankara stated that it did not recognize the Greco-Egyptian agreement and sent its research vessel Oruc Reis accompanied by a group of warships for seismic exploration on the Greek sea shelf near the island of Castelorizo. Greece, in turn, put its armed forces on alert and said it would defend its sovereign rights.

Summit of Southern European countries (MED 7) took place on September 10 in Corsica with the participation of Greece, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Malta, and Portugal. Following the summit, Macron warned of a list of sanctions in case Turkey continues the geological exploration of the sea shelf.

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