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The case of the iPhone 12 Pro showed in the video

Another confirmation of the presence of lidar in the design of a smartphone has been received

As it became known today, there will be no iPhone 12 announcement on September 15. Most likely, Apple will unveil its new smartphones in October. But a video with the iPhone 12 Pro case appeared on the web, it confirms the presence of lidar in the design.

Large holes are for camera modules, there are still three of them. Small holes for flash and lidar. The latter should qualitatively improve the autofocus performance, especially in difficult conditions (at night). Despite the fact that there is not so much time left before the announcement of the devices, there are a lot of multidirectional rumors about the characteristics of the iPhone 12 Pro, as well as other models of the series. For example, some say with confidence about the presence of a screen with a frame rate of 120 Hz, others refute this data. There is no exact information about the resolution of the sensors either: at different times sensors with a resolution of 12, 48, and 64 megapixels were called. In fact, while with a certain degree of confidence, we can only talk about the use of the 5-nanometer single-chip Apple A14 platform.

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