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U.S. Secret Service talks about “Russian interference” in elections

U.S. Secret Service talks about “Russian interference” in elections

In connection with the case of Russian Artem Lifshitz in the U.S., the testimony of the U.S. Secret Service Special Agent Heather Turner about “Russian interference” in the elections was published.

Turner was personally involved in the investigation. Her testimony, published in the electronic database of the Virginia State Court, states that she received a “search warrant for an e-mail account belonging to a known member of the Lahti project.

According to the U.S., the project's goal was to undermine the “democratic process. The project was supposed to “sow distrust towards candidates for political office and the political system” in the United States.

Turner said that a “study of the content of this email” resulted in lists of project participants “for the period from January to September 2017, in which the participants were identified”, indicating “departments and positions.

The project was said to have “hidden its activities by paying” participants “through various companies.

As stated by the American side, since mid-2014, the project “operated through a number of Russian organizations”: “Internet Research Agency, Mediasintez, Glavset, Mixinfo, Azimuth, Novinfo, Federal News Agency and others.

Through these organizations, “hundreds of people were allegedly hired to support Project Lakhta operations with an annual global budget of millions of dollars.

Turner also said that project participants came to the U.S. to collect intelligence, “created a computer infrastructure” in the U.S., and were “able to reach millions of Americans through fictitious accounts on social networks, including through the use of political advertising.

In addition, the investigation said that project participants “acquired fake documents to continue their activities, engaged in identity theft in the United States to open bank accounts.

Recall that Lifshitz, who was subject to U.S. sanctions, is charged with conspiracy to commit electronic fraud.

In 2018, Elena Husainova, who was named chief accountant of Project Lahti in the U.S., filed a lawsuit at the U.S. Department of Justice.

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