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A woman received a postcard sent almost 100 years ago

A resident of American Michigan received a postcard in the mail, sent almost 100 years ago, according to CNN.

According to 30-year-old Brittany Keach, she was very surprised by the postcard in her mailbox, since no one sends postcards anymore. She did not attach much importance to it, but later she noticed the postmark, which was dated October 29, 1920.

The card was to be received by Roy McQueen from Flossie Burgess. It bore Brittany's address.

“Dear cousins, I hope she (postcard) finds you all well. We are doing quite well, but Mom has terribly sore knees. It's terribly cold here. I have just finished my history lesson and will go to bed very soon, ”the message said.

It is also noted that “the father shaves, and the mother gives the address.” The sender asked to write to him and expressed hope that the grandparents were fine. The card itself is dedicated to Halloween, as it features a black cat with a broom, a bat, a woman with a cane, and an owl.

As the postal service said, such incidents are not always associated with an error in the work of the mail. Sometimes people buy postcards and old ones at flea markets or on the Internet, after which they are re-entered into the postal service database.

The woman published a postcard on social networks to try to find relatives of some Burgess and McQueen or their acquaintances.

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