Bloomberg wants to stop Trump from becoming president: billionaire adviser

Advisor emphasized that Bloomberg “can not buy”

Photo: AFP

Ex-Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg is about to block U.S. President Donald Trump from re-election to the post in the 2020 election. This was stated by tycoon chief adviser Howard Wolfson.

According to the American media, Bloomberg plans to participate in the struggle for the presidential candidate from the Democrats.

According to Wolfson, Bloomberg “will do whatever it takes to defeat Donald Trump.”

In addition, the adviser said that Bloomberg would not accept political donations and would refuse a presidential salary if he became the head of the White House.

“In his entire life, he never accepted political donations. He is not going to start this. He cannot be bought,” the adviser emphasized.

He noted that because of his financial situation, Michael Bloomberg is “completely independent of any special interests.”

Forbes estimates Bloomberg’s fortune at more than $54 billion.

Recall that Michael Bloomberg has already filed for registration as a candidate from the US Democratic Party in the primary election in Alabama. Trump, in turn, said that Michael Bloomberg would only harm former US Vice President Joseph Biden if he enters the presidential race on the side of the Democratic Party.

It was also reported that Bloomberg was ready to spend at least $500 million on the presidential campaign of the Democratic candidate. This amount is five times the value of his campaign in the mayoral election of New York and is one-hundredth of his 50 billionth fortune.

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