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Restaurants serving only one dish

Do you like to visit restaurants and cafes? If yes, then we suggest you find out about interesting establishments that serve only one dish. Such places, although they cannot boast of a large menu, are very popular among people, because everything is always fresh and tasty in them.

1. Oink (Edinburgh, UK)

Restaurants serving only one dish

Here you will be offered to try a rather interesting dish — hot dog with stewed pork. The owners of the establishment used to be a farmer, so they are well versed in meat — the food here is always tasty and fresh.

2. Eggs & Co (Paris, France)

And here, paying from 8 to 20 euros, you can try a dish of eggs, which are prepared here in all possible ways: cocotte, scrambled eggs, omelet, boiled, soft-boiled, eggs Benedict, eggs in Florentine, burgers with eggs, and so on.

3. Macbar (New York, USA)

This place serves New Yorkers' favorite dish — macaroni and cheese. And they cook them in very different ways.

4. Cafe des spores (Brussels, Belgium)

This restaurant serves its guests with only mushroom dishes, which are prepared in very interesting ways. They even make desserts from mushrooms. You can eat here for 7 – 20 euros.

5. Arancini Brothers (London, UK)

Arancini offers a traditional Sicilian dish: fried rice balls. Initially, it was just a small mobile trailer, but now the owners have made a full-fledged restaurant out of it, which is in great demand. A serving of four salad balls and a flatbread will cost you just ВЈ5.

6. Sarapirtti Kippurasarvi (Lemi, Finland)

This restaurant will delight visitors with an old recipe: meat and potatoes are stewed for 9 hours in a tree trunk previously hollowed out from the inside. And the cost of the “buffet” system is 30 euros — for adults, 15 euros — for children.

7. Burger & Lobster (London, UK)

The restaurant was opened by Mikhail Zelman, the founder of the Russian Goodman chain. The establishment offers burgers and lobsters, and the price is fixed for everything — each dish costs 20 pounds. By the way, they are very concerned about the quality of the products. For example, fresh lobsters are brought in from Canada every morning.

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