US government divested of mansions in China

The US State Department got rid of its real estate in China — mansions located on Shawson Hill in Hong Kong.

Experts suggest that the cost of the plot starts at $413 million. The property was put up for sale back in May 2020. At the moment it is not known who the buyer is and for what price he will purchase the objects. The deal is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2020.

The State Department purchased this property in the late 1940s and has owned it for 72 years. The reason for the sale of the objects was the tensions between the two countries due to the adoption in China of the law on national security. It extends its action primarily to Hong Kong, where the mansions are located. The US government said the new regulation would undermine the city's autonomy as a result.

Earlier, the United States was dissatisfied with the residence of President Trump. This happened after his wife Melania restored the White House rose garden, created in 1913. She shared the results on Twitter. Netizens left comments under the photos and compared the new design to a cemetery and a parking lot.

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