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The gas dispute in the Mediterranean: Macron's intervention

The gas dispute in the Mediterranean: Macron's intervention

On Thursday, French President Macron called Ankara's actions in the gas dispute in the eastern Mediterranean unacceptable — and said that Turkey is no longer France's partner in the region. A month ago, the French fleet strengthened its presence in the east of the Mediterranean and deployed formations of combat bombers to Cyprus. Observers criticize Macron's proactive actions.

Why is Turkey worse than Russia?

The French president is hostage to double standards, writes L'Opinion:

“France's allies, first of all, the Americans and Germans, are watching what is happening with a mixed sense of misunderstanding, frustration, and concern. They by no means show their readiness to sever relations with Turkey, an important NATO member, unnecessarily. They also see that the French whitewash Putin much more than Erdogan. In Turkey, not everything is perfect, but in the hands of the opposition, there are two of the country's largest cities — Istanbul and Ankara. As for the Russian oppositionists, Navalny's example clearly showed us what fate awaits them. ... Emmanuel Macron quite rightly began the process of de-escalation of relations with Russia. Now the same should be done with regard to Turkey.”

You be careful with Paris there!

It would be very nice if Athens did not rush headlong into a new partnership with Paris, warns Naftemporiki:

“The next intervention of Emmanuel Macron in the situation in favor of Athens and against Ankara, which happened yesterday, satisfied not only the Greek delegation but also public opinion in Greece. ... However, a closer look at the possibilities of a “new strategic relationship” between Greece and France, which, in all likelihood, will be based on extensive weapons programs and a possible reorientation of the country's foreign policy, should be examined more closely. ... The country must weigh everything and decide what exactly — and how it would be wise to invest its energy.”

The volatile arena of global dispute

The conflict over gas production in the eastern Mediterranean has demonstrated a clear decline in the existing world order, says Sabah newspaper:

“The crisis in the Mediterranean, during which the US tries to play the role of a mentor and provoke tensions between Greece, France, and Turkey, only aggravates the darkness that has enveloped the entire Western world. Therefore, one should expect an intensification of the fierce struggle between the Western and Asian powers for building a new global system in the post-coronavirus era. The fight in the eastern Mediterranean undoubtedly has enough potential to influence both the course itself and the outcome of this fight. Therefore, all eyes are now riveted not so much to the region itself, but to Turkey, the leading force in the Mediterranean region.”

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