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The case for the price of a phone. Apple never ceases to amaze users

Apple has decided once again to prove that it can deal not only with the development of smartphones but also with many others. A clear example of this was the recently released Smart Battery Case, designed for the new line of phones. The key feature of it is not its stunning design, usability or resistance to damage, but the presence of a built-in power bank in it.

Smart cases of this type have appeared on the market for a long time and immediately attracted the attention of users who want to significantly increase the autonomy of their smartphone, but in the history of Apple, Smart Battery Case is the first and only instance of its kind. The price for it, as expected, will be slightly overpriced — $130.

As you can see from the image, the company decided not to bother with the ideas of futurism but created the most ordinary rounded cover, the only distinguishing feature of which is power bank. According to the developer, such a useful device will help increase the operating time of your smartphone by more than 50%. In addition, there is a mechanical button on the case body that allows you to start the camera even when the screen is off.

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