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Scientists have found a drug that cures HIV

Scientists have found a drug that cures HIV

Found a drug that can completely cure HIV. Scientists have found a class of antibiotics that block a protein that “helps” infections to trick the immune system.

American scientists from the University of Michigan have found a way that could potentially completely cure HIV. Experts have discovered a class of antibiotics that can block a protein that the virus uses to bypass the immune system of an infected organism, writes Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

This protein “helper” of the virus is the Nef protein. It is with its help that HIV suppresses the activity of another protein MHC-I, thereby preventing the immune system from recognizing infected cells that need to be eliminated.

In the LSI library of microbial synthesis products, scientists have found a class of antibiotics called pleco macrolides that can block Nef.

During their experiments, the researchers found that after treating infected cells with pleco macrolide concanamycin A, cytotoxic T cells were able to purify the infected cells.

Scientists will continue their research to develop suitable drugs.

Earlier we wrote that the second case of HIV cure was confirmed. The patient was in remission within 30 months after the disappearance of the virus from the blood.

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