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EU and US agree on sanctions against Belarus

EU and US agree on sanctions against Belarus

They have been talking about sanctions against Belarusian officials for several weeks, but they have not agreed on the lists.

The US and European countries are discussing the introduction of “targeted sanctions” against Belarus. This was announced on Friday, September 11, by the US Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Bigan.

“The United States maintains sanctions against 17 individuals, including the ruler of Belarus and other dignitaries. In addition, we are closely coordinating with our European partners on additional targeted sanctions against all those responsible for human rights violations and repression in Belarus.“, — he said.

The diplomat noted that the measures are taken by the United States and its allies “should become a clear signal for those who contribute to violence in Belarus.”

“Our sanctions have been in effect for several years, and our European partners are restoring those sanctions that were lifted in order to establish closer relations with Belarus and, possibly, soften its policy. In addition to those 17 persons who are subject to sanctions, we are discussing with by our European partners there are a number of measures that we will be ready to announce in the near future, “added Bigan.

He also noted that “after the people clearly rejected the regime, the leadership of Belarus uses violence to maintain its power.”

The spokesman for the State Department recalled that the United States does not recognize the legitimacy of Alexander Lukashenko and demands new elections.

Note, according to media reports, Cyprus is blocking EU sanctions against Belarus.

Let us remind you that Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia have included in the sanctions list 30 citizens of Belarus, including President Alexander Lukashenko.

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