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Sales of smartphones with 5G support are actively growing

More than half a billion of them will be sold next year.

Smartphones with 5G support are actively entering even those markets where fifth-generation networks will appear at best in two to three years. The reason for this is simple — platforms.

The flagship SoCs Qualcomm, Samsung, and MediaTek all have 5G modems, and the latter of the three has already released several mid-budget solutions supporting fifth-generation networks at very attractive prices.

Analysts at Calanys predict that by the end of this year, 278 million smartphones with 5G will be delivered to the market. True, 62% of them will be in Greater China, 42% of sales will come from North America, another 31% from Europe, and parts of Africa. In 2021, shipments of such smartphones will almost double, to 544 million, while the share of China will drop to 56%.

If you look at the distribution by segment, you can see that in all regions except China, devices with a price of over $600 dominate. This is due to the fact that in many markets the main offerings of smartphones with 5G are concentrated in the flagship segment. But in China, there is a huge number of mid-budget and even fairly inexpensive devices with 5G. The main sales already now fall on models costing $ 200-400, and next year smartphones below $200 will occupy a significant share.

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