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Apple is already testing iPhone with Samsung flexible screen

Apple has made some progress and is working on a new prototype that has a foldable screen.

Huawei, Samsung, and Motorola have already released several models of smartphones equipped with foldable screens. It is known that other manufacturers are also working in this direction. Apple is, of course, on the list of companies experimenting with foldable screens.

Now there are reports that Apple has made some progress and is working on a new prototype that has a foldable screen. Apple reportedly has placed a large order with Samsung Display, which will provide test samples for at least a year. After the initial testing of Samsung-supplied samples, Apple has begun testing a prototype iPhone with a similar screen, sources say.

Samsung Display has been a key supplier of OLED panels for iPhone smartphones for many years. While Samsung Display is a leading player in the foldable display market, the company hopes to dominate the new market by increasing its manufacturing capacity to 10 million foldable displays per year.

Some sources believe the foldable iPhone may launch as early as next year, but keep in mind that Apple is not in a rush, especially when it comes to smartphone innovation.

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