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Turkey offers a military solution to the problem of the Greek islands

Turkey offers a military solution to the problem of the Greek islands

If diplomacy fails, Turkey has the right to invade the Greek islands, Hassan Ozkan, head of the Rumeli Center for Strategic Studies (RUBASAM), told Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak on September 9.

Ozkan said that “experts, speaking of the militarization of the islands, say that the only solution is military.” Should diplomacy fail, he said, Turkey has the legal right to invade the Greek islands just as it invaded Syria, in self-defense.

Regarding the situation with the maritime zones, the Turkish analyst said that Greece had rejected Turkey's calls for a fair division of the Eastern Mediterranean. He said that experts say that Turkey's position is legitimate and the international court will be forced to decide against Greece. According to him, Greece knows this and is trying to transfer its violations to a political basis.

We will remind, Turkey accuses Greece of illegal militarization of some islands in the Aegean Sea in violation of the Lausanne and Paris peace treaties. Greece justifies its actions in response to the Turkish invasion of Cyprus.

Turkey also insists on the division of exclusive economic zones in the Mediterranean Sea based on the median lines between the continents. In this case, many of the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea are surrounded by Turkish economic zones. Greece points to the provision of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, according to which all inhabited islands have equal rights to sea zones with continents. The Greek government proposes to solve the problems of economic zones in the sea, regardless of the complex of other problems. It is noted that the appeal to the international court is complicated by the fact that Turkey has not signed the Convention.

In August, Turkey began developing hydrocarbon fields in the area that Greece refers to its continental shelf. Turkey sent a military escort to accompany the seismological vessel. German media claim that a military clash was avoided, among other things, thanks to the intervention of the Federal Chancellor of Germany.

As noted by Greek experts, Turkey's actions in the Mediterranean Sea are more consistent with the policy of neo-Ottomanism than with the conflict over mineral deposits.

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